Why is Illust Different?

Last Updated 9/14/22

Illust is an application that straddles the relationship between geolocation, blockchain, and augmented reality.

Illust is different from other AR metaverses for the following reasons:

  • Decentralized: most of the data and architecture for Illust's ecosystem is stored on-chain or through decentralized storage. Applications such as the GeoSpatialRegistry give creators the ability to archive experiences in the world through on-chain data.

  • Open and Accessible: from the Illust API to an open publishing interface, visitors to illust can both create and experience the world without any prejudice. The Illust application also runs in the browser via URL giving more opportunities for discoverability and access.

  • Composable: the building blocks of the metaverse are made possible through blockchain. Illust's Proof of Presence (PoP) system is a framework for creating composable activity data that can be referenced both within Illust and abroad. Illust is working with partners to make their NFT data referencable in the Illust application.

Illust is different from other geolocated applications for the following reasons:

  • Visitors own their location and activity data in the form of Proof of Presence tokens. They have the ultimate say over how they decide to "monetize" data they acquired in the application through a portfolio of partners. PoP tokens can also be referenced by other applications outside of Illust.

  • Activity data is not sold to 3rd parties or advertisers.

Illust is different from other blockchain applications for the following reasons:

  • The ecosystem is not dependent upon incentive schemas to add value. Though Illust will be implementing a token based system, the fundamental value proposition is not dependendant upon a token model.

  • It encourages usage from visitors who are not blockchain natives

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