US Operations

Rob McCarty- (Co-Founder & CEO) Helped launch Facebook’s Spark AR platform in 2019 working alongside the executive and development teams. Emerging media and immersive technologies expert published in Decrypt, Engadget, VR Scout, and Adweek. Rob's built (and exited) multiple viral story and experiential design properties in the blog, social media, and immersive technologies space.

Tim Prochak (Stencil) - (Co-Founder & CCO) One of the original Snap Creative Partners bringing Lens Studio to the 3D community. Tim has spent his career pursuing the edge cases of technology and art - from interactive data visualizations for the UN, Creative Partner at Snap, toimmersive show visuals for Paul McCartney. An award winning AR artist and author, Tim balances an optimistic embrace of futurism with the tempered knowledge of decades of industry experiences.

Will Ockelmann-Wagner - (CTO) Former development lead for Riot Games digital asset marketplace. Before joining Illust Space, Will worked at startups and consultancies as a developer and product manager, in a range of industries including fintech, crypto, and file sharing. He brings a wealth of code and process experience, and a belief that all things can be done with code, but only some things should be done right now.

Gene Miller - Full Stack Engineer. Interactive computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning, systems engineering and technology management applied to Film, TV, and Fine Art. Wrote the software behind the first Tron movie.

Chris MacPherson - Full Stack Developer. Chris has an incredible mix of experience developing front-end solutions for blue chip companies and start-ups alike.

Future Rob - Web3 Architect and Smart Contract Engineer. Working on some of the core logic for the GSR contracts. Past experience working on some of the most visible and well-executed web3 projects.

Aaron Smyth - Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer, Product Manager

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