Core Benefits

The World is Yours! Learn more about Illust's key benefits from the perspective of everyday visitors, projects, developers, and creators on the app. Last Updated 9/14/22

For Projects and Developers

The Illust AR application serves projects and developers a unique way to deliver engaging stories, messages, and experiences at scale. The following is a shortlist of some of the benefits a project or 3rd party developer receives when building on top of Illust's platform:

  • Adaptable: the Illust AR system was built so that our partners could construct new experiences from primitive building blocks. By mixing and matching feature sets on the Illust App, projects and developers can create their experiences in the world like Lego Blocks.

  • World Wide Scale: the Illust AR application is rendered in a mobile phone's web browser and is accessible through a URL. Pair this with the ability to content geofence anywhere in the world, projects and developers can seamlessly deliver experiences at the click of a button.

  • Simple to Use: out of the box smart contracts, configurable PoPs, and free geofencing tools give projects configuring an experience on the application an easy-to-use sandbox to construct elaborate events in the application.

  • Keep your Experiences Fresh: Illust AR supports many different photo, video, 3D, and audio formats and is expanding its repertoire to include games, AI, and more. By working with Illust, you'll be keeping your audience guessing and engaged.

  • Connect with New Fans: projects and users of the application can benefit from the cross- pollination of different use cases. Connect with new audiences who are already in the world.

For the Everyday Visitor

The Illust AR application offers a myriad of benefits to everyday users looking to experience the metaverse outside, including:

  • Learn Something New: experiences, culture, artworks, history, and community can all be experienced using the Illust AR application.

  • Have a Fun and Entertaining Experience: new experiences, quests, challenges, and games can be played.

  • Save Time: Illust is a convenient tool that enables users to check in, scan, render, and capture experiences they encounter in the application (and the world).

  • Generate Income: Illust will be working with partners to deliver challenges that contain bounties, NFTs that can be claimed, and prize money.

For Artists, Creators, and Art Institutions

Artists and creators using the Illust AR platform find the following benefits:

  • Increased Visibility: the Illust application offers new ways for artists and their work to be discovered. As there are limited barriers to entry, artists can easily geofence their works in areas that were previously off-limits areas.

  • Lengthy Engagement: on average, visitors on the Illust AR app spend 3 minutes and 18 seconds per experience creating new connections for artists and creators.

  • Express your Creativity: creators have flexibility in how their creations are displayed.

  • 10 x your Wall Space: curators can use Illust AR to extend the amount of real estate they have at a given location. By using different AR Channels for different exhibits, curators can quickly move, switch, and launch new galleries at the click of a mouse.

  • Think Locally: visitors who check in at your experience can be rewarded with a Proof of Presence token. These tokens can be used to token-gate Discord channels, merch stores, and more.

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