Follow along as we scale our interactive AR mapping system and reward early guests to the platform.

Phase 0 (August 22' to December 22'): Planning and Development

The Illust team is working hard to build the foundation and architecture for a fully scalable, cross-chain, and free geofencing toolbox.

Deliverables: Illust will see a facelift to its homepage by including the GSR or free geofencing utility feature at its core domain Illust.AR. At first, Illust's system will support on-chain message delivery to specific locations worldwide. More features to come...

Development: Polygon/Ethereum Integrations, subscriber accounts, on-chain geofenced messages, and GSR smart contract audit

Phase 0.5 (December 22'): Visibility and 2-Week Open Geofencing Alpha

Illust will release the Open Geofencing Alpha to 100 guests and partners close to the project. During this feedback period, Illust is developing in parallel an XP system for rewarding those who contribute to specific sub-communities by geofencing content, generating Proof of Presence Tokens, and sharing maps channels.

Deliverables: Alpha test with 100 Illust partners and community members, onboarding partners for featured exhibitions, mapping system deployed

Development: XP system, Tezos integration, support for 3D models, photos, and NFTs

Phase 1 (Q4 22 - Q1 23'): Illust Beta

For a 10-week Beta period, Illust will be hosting a free trial of the geofencing tool for anybody to create their first on-chain placement of a message, a piece of art, or an experience of any type anywhere in the world. Guests will be able to contribute to the global map, as well as a select mix of unique maps such as the ARchiving map, the Politics map, the Local History map, and the Public Art map. These community maps will contain a leaderboard directly correlated with guest activity and participation (PoPs and Placements). Only a finite amount of guests can subscribe to any given channel, and special NFTs will be awarded to those early guests of the system.

Deliverables: New Discord channel driven by sub-communities, call for submissions, and community rewards

Development: Community leaderboards, local points, incentives, and Illust SDK

Phase 1.5 (Q1 23'): Geofencing Beta Wrap-Up & Special Mint Pass

After the Geofencing beta test comes to a close on Jan 19th, Illust will be providing new accounts with the ability to mint a specific community token for their maps. Depending on their level of engagement with the community (proxied by XP points and leaderboard ranking), guests can elevate the status of their NFTs into a tiered system of levels.

For projects who've capped out at their 500 - 2,000 subscriber limit, we'll be launching a token-based ticketing system for channel access and participation.

Deliverables: Each of the first 10,000 accounts will receive an Illust Genesis mint. Those who participated most in the subcommunities will receive moderator tokens.

Development: Token gating, genesis mint tokens, NFT upgrades

Phase 2 (Q1 23' - Q2 23'): Proof of Presence Engagement & Retention

The focus for Phase 1 is on geofencing and content placement. The focus of Phase 2 will be on the different types of interactions channel and map guests can have when they visit a piece of content in the world. In conjunction with the different PoP variations, Illust will be partnering with a mix of different web3 projects, local businesses, and brands on an open-world scavenger hunt during one of the major NFT, ETH, or other protocol conferences.

Deliverables: Proof of Presence token configuration along with PoP badges, PoP photos, PoP time limits, PoP scarcity, and PoP rewards.

Development: PoP incentives, PoP activation types, new AR features, and rewards escrow contracts

Phase 3 (Q3 23' - Q3 24'): Self Serve Tools

Guests who create channels on the application will be able to create their rewards, bounties, and quests through a self-serve suite of tools. Alongside this self-serve publishing suite will be a mix of higher fidelity AR tooling and scene preparation, gaming tools, and node-based quest creation. We will also be looking into a native application depending on user feedback.

Deliverables: Anybody can use and publish quests on Illust

Development: Illust AR Channel Maps for Business, special AR types

Phase 4 (Q4 24' +): Long Tail Scale

The world is yours. Let's share it.

Token Roadmap for Illust Guests

(Jan 23') Genesis NFT Token (Passport) for the Beta accounts

(Jan 23') Individual channel tokens (each community permissions their access)

(Feb 23') NFT token upgrades based on XP

(TBD) Illust Tokenomics

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