What is Illust?

Welcome to the Illust Gitbook where you can find some of the inner and outer workings of the Illust ecosystem.

What is Illust?

lllust is a platform for creating and discovering different realities. Creators on Illust use augmented reality tools to place digital content and NFTs in neighborhoods, craft localized messages for friends, and publish interactive games for play. Visitors own their data in PoP (Proof of Presence) tokens and are exchangeable for goods and services from Illust’s creator and brand partners. For more, please visit us here.

Some of the critical components of the Illust ecosystem are:

Why Use Illust?

Many creators, archivers, gamers, influencers, projects, and brands find value in Illust's ability to deliver a suite of core benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Enhanced forms of communication

  • Project visibility and discoverability

  • New mediums for project engagement

  • Rich data sets to pull from

We're constantly working alongside our partners to deliver value at every step for their projects. Please use this resource as a guide through the ecosystem.

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