Reality Channels

In the words of NAS, “The World Is Yours”.

What's a Reality Channel?

At Illust, we believe that every creator, visitor, brand, and project is entitled to their worldview. We provide the tools to weave XR experiences that persist in the layer. The map is not the territory, but the map is a metaverse. Your map is a guide and a key to the metaverse experiences and digital denizens (or doodles) that flourish there.

On Illust, you create a metaverse or metaverses where friends, fans, and the community can congregate. Visitors engage with your brand, digital merchandise can be given away, creators can sell tickets, partners can visualize products, gamers can launch scavenger hunts, artists can curate art, and you can build new words.

Your reality channel is art. It is a reshaping of what is discoverable, desirable, functional, beautiful, and perceived and is the style and senses of the channel owner. But as it is a multiverse of metaverses, you can curate, record, blend and remix other reality channels.

Before we dive deeper into the rabbit hole, let’s discuss the key elements that make up a metaverse and why AR Channels are your gateway to building the best metaverse in town.

Reality Channel as Metaverse

Decentralized web3 metaverses are usually composed of the following:

  1. Interoperable assets

  2. Digital mapping of an environment

  3. A content delivery network (CDN)

  4. Access and permission controls

  5. Virtual assets such as memberships which creators can sell to fund a community

  6. Communication channels

  7. Users can own their data

Rather than sell digital land rights to physical space that we don’t own, Illust gives every “Reality Channel” partner the ability to launch a browser-based, decentralized augmented reality metaverse immediately out of the box. All the content displayed in Illust can be bought, sold, or moved to other metaverses. Geofences act as a content delivery network. Custom smart contracts give special access and permission controls and can be used to generate memberships. Maps act as the digital mapping environment. Proof of Presence tokens give ownership of data back into the hands of users, and IRL activities give way to community and discovery.

Channel Tools

Reality Channel creators get access to a full suite of tools to customize their metaverse:

  1. Custom minting contracts

  2. Configurable Proof of Presence rewards

  3. Scene preparation tools for digital experiences

  4. Geofencing of content

  5. Custom map and channel

  6. Basic analytics

  7. Coming soon: user-generated content aggregator, channel-based token gating, public map access, custom integrations from the community, custom bounties, and quests

Channel Discovery

Reality Channel Discovery and Engagement

Reality Channels share and locate experiences in the Illust AR application. Reality Channels are accessed from the public map and from within a visitor’s profile. Illust will release visitor profiles shortly. As updates, events, bounties, and games launch into Reality Channels, project followers will receive an update in their user profile.

Reality Channels will receive a points system prompting further engagement and user-generated content. If you are interested in setting up a gamified system for community engagement, please do not hesitate to reach out to an Illust rep.

Closing Thoughts

Reality Channels are the home for all of the metaverse toolings Illust offers for partners. For those projects which have an active web3 following, new skins, AI-based characters, and games will flourish with your custom AR layer. With every partner having access to the entire world for content production, delivery, and experience, the possibilities are endless in how you’d like to build and engage your community.

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